After following a career in teaching it was time for a change. I had always promised myself that one day I would go to Art College, that day had come. I studied for a Foundation Degree at Hereford College of Art, it was here that I discovered my love for glass. I followed this up by studying for an MA at Swansea Metropolitan University. Then broadening my knowledge by attending courses at the Creative Glass Guild in Bristol. Finally, I was ready to fly!

My work is inspired by the mountain landscape and wildlife in the Brecon Beacons and the Scottish borders, where I share my time. I experience contrasting landscapes, moods and atmospheres when walking, which I aim to capture in my glass and to demonstrate my love of the countryside and the nature that surrounds me.

About My Glass

Fused Glass.

Fused glass is when 2 or more layers of glass are heated in the kiln to melt together. The heat changes the harsh cut line of the glass to a smooth soft line. Layering different colours of glass can also change the colour. It is the unpredictability that keeps me excited.

Sometimes pieces are painted with Reuche colour or enamels and fired before assembling for a fuse firing. Other times pieces are fired for a second time to add detail with frit (tiny pieces of glass). Another firing is required if the piece is to be shaped. This is a slump firing.

I make fused postcard-sized pictures which are presented on a wooden stand, curved pieces which free-stand also pieces for the wall, mounted to suit the piece. Finally, I use fused sections in leaded windows. More lines will be developed I am sure.

Prices range from £120

Glass Painting and leading.

I particularly enjoy painting on glass. I use Reuche colour, which has been used on stained glass windows since Medieval times. It is applied across the surface of the glass and is then manipulated, moved and removed with all manner of different brushes. I use an extraction method. As the Reuche dries, more is removed by the brush, until finally I will use a fine needle to get the most delicate of detail into the work. At this point it is very vulnerable and needs to be fired in the kiln to make it one with the glass. This method is applied to both traditional and modern stained glass panels and in my contemporary fused glass art work.

The art work is fired in the kiln and will never wash off or fade in the sunlight. Glass art is for life.

Leading is also an ancient craft. It is the method employed to join the pieces of glass together to make a larger piece. It is a multi staged process, starting with the cut and prepared glass and the pre-designed pattern. Lead is cut to size around each piece working against an edge to keep the shape. The whole window is compiled like a jigsaw and then each joint is soldered. This is not the end because after this cement is applied between the lead and the glass to make it water tight and it is cleaned up.

I make hanging and free standing leaded pieces of varying sizes, the largest ones are framed in a solid oak frame designed to be hung or stood in your window or hung against a light coloured wall. I make small single pane pieces which are displayed in a wooden block. I also make windows to commission using the same personal technique.

Prices range from £60